Our warranty is simple.  The GAF manufacturer's material warranty is a 20 year.   What that means is that we install the product in accordance with the manufacturers recommended procedures and in doing so the warranty on the material is 20 years.   Now you may be saying what about the caulking and possible leaks like around the AC's we discussed.  Since we put your AC and vents on curbs we then heat weld the pieces together in accordance with the manufacturer's procedures.   This heat welding makes the material one piece and falls under material warranty.   We use expensive commercial grade caulking as well that have a long term proven record on commercial applications. RVRI does not skimp when it comes to quality workmanship or materials.


What RVRI specifically covers under this warranty is workmanship and material.  RVRI will repair, re-seal, replace  at their options to  ensure the said roof repairs will meet all of the manufacturers  requirements in order to maintain the said 20 year warranty. Interior damage is not covered under RVRI warranty or manufacturers warranty. That is why we strongly encourage you to come in for your inspections. So you won't have leaks.

What you need to do to maintain our warranty

Once your roof has been installed by RVRI, we want you to come back in 30 - 45 days  After the initial inspections you come in once a year. Inspections are no cost to you. You can come in sooner If you want. The point is, we want to see the coach and inspect it to make sure things are doing well. Once we install the roof the system is a "fresh" install; all coaches rack and flex as the travel and we want to be sure we addressed all the issues and "flexes" of your particular coch. This is a courtesy inspection. A commercial roof is inspected after initial installation and then annually, and since we are installing a commercial roof it is only prudent that we apply the same inspections. It would not be fair to RVRI to have to fix or replace anything that could have been caught, adjusted or tended to prior to any damage. Our warranty does not extend to any collateral damage.  We use the best products on the market but we are at the mercy of those products performing as they should so give us the chance to inspect the coach and make sure we are doing what you paid us to do....keep you dry!


We do not charge for the inspections. If any adjustments need to be done we will take care of them on the roofs we have installed.  Coaches should be inspected if you notice any leaks at anytime at all. If you notice any leaks you need to tarp or caulk the coach to prevent damage. Since we offer free inspection you can come in as much as you'd like. If you are headed out for a trip and it is before the 6 months mark, come on by and we'll inspect it so there won't be any vacation surprises. All RVRI and GAF the warranty information will be on your work order outlining all the details. 





Repairs are warranted for 1 year from date and the same procedure listed above applies. Bring the coach in on 30 days and then every 6 months. 


The inspections are to prevent any serious damage from happening, like serious rot that may ruin the coach due to not catching a concern that could have easily been repaired.


What We do Cover

RVRI roof warranty will cover the cost repairs and the material to the roofing only.  Interior damage is not covered under any warranty. Acts of God / nature  are excluded, such as trees falling a coach. Any unauthorized repairs will void your warranty, except those that are instructed by RVRI for emergency

repairs. Mounting anything through the roof, screwing anything to the roof, applying improper and/or incompatible sealants to the membrane will void the warranty.


10 Year Transferable

RVRI warranties are transferable for up to the first 10 years. Upon selling the coach/ trailer/ RV, the new owners would be required to follow the same procedures of inspection as stated above. In order to transfer the warranty simply call RVRI and we will update the warranty to the new owners name. It's that simple. The new owners will need to bring the coach in for inspection. 


What we will do

Upon finding any concerns needing attention RVRI will make such repairs to the roofing at RVRI's judgement and discretion so as to ensure the roof system will still maintain the 20 year warranty.





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