RV ROOF INSTALL is a certified LS ( low slope) contractor through GAF. There is NO manufacturer that extends a warranty to an RV except GAF through us.  We know because we have checked. The best and only warranty you will ever get from an RV  center is 1 year. Mainly because they feel confident the caulking will last that long. However, just to cover themselves they put a clause in the warranty requiring you to inspect the coach just in case the caulking does not last the year. You can not get an extended warranty even on a new coach.                                                      


GAF certification requirements are based on experience, solvency, customer service, insurance and installation practices. ALL of these components need to come together. If they do not then this would be a disqualification. RV ROOF INSTALL is very proud to be certified through GAF, the leader in LS membranes.

What this specifically means for you is that you can rest assured knowing your coach will be completed professionally according to GAF's commercial installation standards of practice. Would you rather a shady tree mechanic work on your car, or a certified ASE shop that has all the tools, equipment, knowledge and training? Now that's not to say some shade tree mechanics aren't good, but they would not have all the computers and diagnostic equipment to properly fix your car.


RV ROOF INSTALL is the ONLY company certified shop, through the roofing manufacturer, that installs roofs on RV's, literally.  This certification assures that your roof will be installed properly like it should and even more importantly that not only will RV ROOF INSTALL stand behind the work and materials so will GAF. That's piece of mind. 

RV centers are authorized by RV manufacturers however, that is not the same as being certified like we are. These RV manufacturers did not design the roofing material, and have not been trained properly to install them. That is why they leak so badly. These RV centers do not include all the components needed to provide a long lasting watertight roof.


RV ROOF INSTALL has 30 years of experience in the commercial roofing industry. This includes installation of

materials, construction of structures and fabrication of components that are needed for installation.

WE fabricate all the curbs, boots and flashings required by GAF and code to ensure a watertight roof.

This experience is important for warranty. If your coach needs repairs due to rot, we can fabricate

components to maintain the strength needed without tearing the entire coach apart and beating up

your wallet. Our construction experience brings awareness to know what materials and techniques

will work for your particular repair.


Our customer service is second to none. We are more concerned about completing your coach properly and making sure you are watertight. Ensuring you get what you paid for, rather than just slapping roofs on a coach one after another. Since we are certified, should we have any concerns about your roof we have a direct representative that will address the problem and get things corrected through the manufacturer. We do not pass the problem on to you. We deal with any concerns in our shop.



Solvency is how well the company is financially. This is important because a company not solvent will not be able to tackle any warranty issues, or make repairs that may need to be addressed since these would be out of the shops pocket. RV ROOF INSTALL extends the warranty for 7.5 years, and, at our expense, we perform ALL inspections and adjustments that may be needed at NO cost to you. YOUR COACH WILL REMAIN WATERTIGHT ON OUR WATCH!


We are a fully insured shop, should any issues arise that are out of our control. Examples: like our shop burns down, or a tree comes through our shop.


Proper installation practice is a combination of experience and abiding by GAF's required installations of materials component adhesives and sealants that are all compatible with the roofing material to prevent failure without compromise.

RV ROOF INSTALL has exceeded in all of these requisites which has awarded us the certification.  Click to read our letter of reference GAF

BEWARE of Posers

Some companies claim to be certified, if they are then you can look them up

to verify that they are. Here is how you can verify us as a certified contractor.

Go to http://www.gaf.com/Roofing/Contractors/Validator  then enter our

contractor number LS40262. We are certified as commercial roofing contractors.

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      Email: contactus@rvroofinstall.com