Common Roof Issues


This page will cover some of the common areas that are not being corrected by other installers that are costing you money right out of the gate. 


1 & 2.  Looking at this pic to the right we can see that water and moisture were penetrating under the  Air unit. In fact the roof developed a valley where all the water would flow. This water penetrated the seal under the air unit because the moisture deteriorated the caulking...that's all they use to keep the water out. So when they install a new roof you would think they would realize this is a common problem and fix it, but they don't.


3. Looking at all the damage you can see that the hole for the AC (black arrow) is actually puckered or dipped in. If this Unit had a curb then water wouldn't have been able to penetrate because there would be no place for the dirt and debris to fester. Also the curb adds strength to the roof and underside of the AC unit


4. The roof deck is still soaked and this trailer has been tarped watertight for weeks. The red arrows shows just how rough the roof decking is and yet there was no protection for the roofing when it was put over this. So of course, the edges had gotten chaffed, failed and then leaked down into the walls all the way down to the floor, rotting out the walls and floor. 


5. Looking at the termination bar that gets screwed to the top side to hold the roofing edge down,  looking at the red arrows you can see the rust started from the inside and worked outwards. You can see the screws are rusted and the staples are rusted, despite all the butyl caulking tape. 


So what we have seen that is causing the roof to fail (not perform or deteriorate) prematurely

is the failure to pay attention to the common issues that every roof has. These installers are not professionals knowing proper installation procedures and preparation. 















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